Who am I? Why am I here?

31 December 2008

(Hey, any time you can start a blog entry with an Admiral Stockdale reset, you gotta go for it, right?)

Okay — Intro, part deux …

I’m 39 years old, with a gorgeous wife (hereinafter known as “the Supermodel”) and two brilliant children (ages 7 and almost-5).  We live in a nice if rickety house, and have a good car that’s completely paid off.  I’ve been out of work for most of this year (not for lack of trying), but my wife’s job pays well, so for now we’re all right financially with me playing Mr. Mom to the almost-5-year-old.  It also means I have plenty of time to reflect and pray, read and write — I’ve just finished what I hope will be the final draft of a novel, and am now pointing myself toward finding a publisher.  God loves me, and I love God (as best I can, in my own fumbling way).  All in all, life is really good.

There’s a catch, though.  (Rule #1: it’s a fallen world; therefore, there’s always a catch.)  The catch is that I tend to see how things could be better.  And it bothers me.  I see things in my life, in the life of the planet as a whole, that I wish I could fix, or at least alert people to.  At bottom, I’m a imperfect perfectionist in an imperfect world.  Plus I’m opinionated, or as my son likes to say, a blabbermouth.  2500 years ago, I guess I could’ve become a prophet or something.  No one’s hiring prophets these days.

Plus, while it took me a long time and a lot of dead ends, I’ve finally found something that seems like I could really make a career (or at least a life) out of it — namely, writing.  I’ve been a frustrated author for … well, as far back as I could remember.  But it’s only in the last decade that a) I’ve been able to slow myself down long enough to actually get ideas onto paper or disk, and b) I’ve exhausted most other career possibilities.  I’ve come to see myself as a writer, in short — whether I can ever make a living at it or not.

Combine the two — seeing all too clearly the fractures in the world and wanting to talk about them, and finding myslef with the soul of a writer — and you’re probably thinking, “Well then, why don’t you start a blog, dummy?”


What this blog will turn into, I haven’t a clue.  It could be a free-for-all, as I have strong opinions on a number of subjects — from why I often avoid taking medication to who should be the next governor of California.  From how church services seem to be structured in such a way as to keep people away from God to why my wife looks so much nicer in person than in photographs.  From how Bert Blyleven has been repeatedly shafted by the Baseball Hall of Fame to what would occur if we built a culture on complete honesty.  And every place in between, plus some even farther afield than that.  As Indiana Jones once said, I’m making this up as I go along.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll agree with everything you read here — in fact, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t.  I can promise that some things I say will be funny, a few might make you think (if you’re the thinking type) and that I’ll do my best not to write anything colossally stupid without a good reason.  I can promise that we’ll have a fun ride, at least.

So … please fasten your seat belts, extinguish all smoking materials and return your mind to its full and upright position — we’re about to take off.  Boo-ya.


Egads, I have a blog! How did this happen?

30 December 2008

Yes, I’ve finally broken down and become the last literate in the Western world to start a blog.  This should be fun …

The question, however, is how long civilization can survive once it has been inundated by my wack opinions on faith, daily life, baseball, politics and how we could eliminate stupidity in one generation via sterilization of people who keep walking into moving traffic.  My guess is … it could collapse tomorrow.  Might want to head over to your local GroceryBeast and stock up on canned goods, folks!

More to come …

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