Egads, I have a blog! How did this happen?

Yes, I’ve finally broken down and become the last literate in the Western world to start a blog.  This should be fun …

The question, however, is how long civilization can survive once it has been inundated by my wack opinions on faith, daily life, baseball, politics and how we could eliminate stupidity in one generation via sterilization of people who keep walking into moving traffic.  My guess is … it could collapse tomorrow.  Might want to head over to your local GroceryBeast and stock up on canned goods, folks!

More to come …


One Response to Egads, I have a blog! How did this happen?

  1. Judy Jardine says:

    Ray, This planet is in big trouble, and mother earth is not happy about what we have done to her. Our wake up call is just around the corner and or could come at any day. And yes I have already stocked up on can foods and such.
    What people don’t know is that we all most had a 911 in December 2006 at the Port of Oakland, Ca. when a container came from China that was loaded with enough explosive to take San Francisco or Oakland off the map of California. The only reason it did not work was the container had so many car parts on it that it prevented the cell phone from setting it off. I have been in the food business for over 35 years and have never seen it this bad. I pray to God every day that the American people will wake up and take back control of their country.
    You Rock Ray!

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