Polishing the silver (lining)

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere I tend to be the type of person who looks at the problems that need to be fixed rather than the stuff that’s working just fine.  It’s a gift that can turn you into a real grouch if you don’t keep it in balance.  So today I’m going to look at a few of the little “dark clouds” in my life, and focus on the silver linings, the good sides of them.  Let’s see …

Cloud: the Supermodel and I can’t seem to find our almost-5-year-old son’s library books to return them to the library tomorrow.

Silver lining: Our kids get library books!  They are both avid readers — even our son, who’s still learning his alphabet, loves to get books, look at the pictures, pick out a letter here and there.  Our daughter (age 7.5) has already gone through almost all of the Geronimo Stilton books and at least a third of the American Girl series (both for ages 9-12).  They don’t clamor for a PlayStation or an Xbox, and even their TV-watching is fairly moderate — they’d rather crack open the Chronicles of Narnia (my daughter) or “47 Beavers on the Deep Blue Sea” (my son).  Pretty sharp kids, eh?

Cloud: The weather here has been nippy of late — usually in the 30s in the morning, often not even cracking 50 all day — and with Stockton’s fog and general humidity, you really feel it.

Silver lining: I have a friend in Maine who hasn’t seen the temperature reach the 30s in weeks, and is buried under a few feet of snow.  Plus I know people in the Southern Hemisphere (where it’s summer right now) who are dealing with drought conditions.  So things could be a lot worse.  At least you don’t have to shovel fog.

Cloud: I’ve only had two months’ worth of work out of the past fourteen.

Silver lining: Plenty of time to spend playing with my son, working on my novel, cooking meals … starting a blog … and the Supermodel’s job, which she enjoys immensely, is more than enough for us to live on right now, so the finances are okay.  Not that I don’t want to work, I do, but we’ll be all right until I get hired again.

Cloud: My favorite basketball team, the Sacramento Kings, really, really suck right now.  (Can I say “suck” in this blog?  Well, I just did.  Cope.)

Silver lining: High draft pick this June!  Bring on the Ricky Rubio Era in Sacramento!  (Seriously, click on that link, Kings fans — this kid is what “White Chocolate” wishes he’d been!)

Cloud: I’m a little tired from staying up late last night …

Silver lining: … playing Monopoly with my wife and daughter.  It was daughter’s first game of Monopoly, but when we finally called it a night at 9:45pm she had Boardwalk and Park Place, two other color groups, and cash on hand.  (In one of my last moves, I landed on Baltic, which she not only owned but had dropped a hotel on — rent $450!  Did I mention I have pretty sharp kids?)  I had three color groups and the utilities; the Supermodel had only two color groups but all four railroads, which is almost a license to print money.  A ton of fun was had by all.

So you see where this can go.  Now it’s your turn — post up your clouds and silver linings!


One Response to Polishing the silver (lining)

  1. J. Wilson says:

    Cloud: My belly has been getting bigger
    Silver lining: If my belly keeps growing and my beard turns white I may be able to get a seaisonal job playing old saint nick. Ho Ho Ho

    Ok seriously

    Cloud:I have not gotten my business up and running as fast as I would have liked to.
    Silver lining:It is just around the corner

    Cloud: My back hurts sometimes
    Silver lining: It use to hurt a lot of the time

    Cloud: The new shoes I purchased hurt my feet because they are too tight
    Silver lining: They will probably last longer (because I probably wont wear them very often until they are broke in), I like how they look and we purchased them for 50% off.

    Cloud: I am not an early morning person
    Silver lining: I believe old dogs can learn new tricks

    This is fun

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