More silver (lining) to polish

I guess this is another installment of “Polishing the silver (lining)”.  I don’t have anything to rant about tonight; nothing has gotten my goat or is running fingernails down my blackboard.  Okay … that’s not quite true, but rather than dwelling on the petty annoyances in my life, I just feel thankful right now and want to spend a few moments sharing the love …

Cloud: The Supermodel’s employer shorted her paycheck a couple of weeks ago by about $1000 (and while they’ve promised to fix it, it hasn’t happened yet), thus scotching our Valentine’s Day plans.

Silver lining: Four times today, the Supermodel said some variation of “we don’t need money on Valentine’s Day, we just need each other.”  There is no guy in the world that doesn’t love hearing that.  (Incidentally, it also gives her an insurmountable lead in the Coolest Woman Alive competition …)

Cloud: My daughter’s wart medication smells like camphorated napalm.

Silver lining: That tells you it’s working!  And it is — of the six warts she had on her fingers a month ago, five are almost gone and the other has shrunk noticeably.

Cloud: I made fish quesadillas tonight, and my son wouldn’t eat them.

Silver lining: Everyone else liked them — and when he wouldn’t eat his portion, the Supermodel and my daughter ended up splitting it.  (Note to self: less salsa next time, so they’re not so soggy.)

Cloud: It’s been raining all day.

Silver lining: Don’t have to wash the car.

Cloud: Missed my daily workout at the Stribley Center …

Silver lining: … because I was helping the Supermodel run errands, watching the kids and picking up a shortstop with grade-A defense and a .384 on-base percentage in the Legends of Baseball fantasy draft.  So it wasn’t like the time got wasted.  (And I can always work out a little extra tomorrow.)

See what I mean?  Maybe I’ll make this a regular feature — it’s not like you can be too thankful!  Try it yourself — you might like it …


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