Periodic Pingback: Michael Spencer on reality and the Christian life

(Blogger’s note: Every so often, I come upon something in another blog — or somewhere — that I’m dying to link to here, to “pingback” in blogging terms,  because I think it deserves what little extra promotion my lowly blog can give it.  Well, no more stalling, I’m doing it!  “Periodic Pingback” will feature other voices on the World Wide Internetsway whenever I run across them and they strike me as having said something better than I ever could.   There’s no real schedule for how often I’ll post one — thus the “periodic” part.  Read and enjoy!)

Regular readers of this space will have noticed how often I reference Michael Spencer, aka “the Internet Monk.”  I even have a link to his blog over on the right.  The reason is because he has this habit that it seems too many in the American church have lost — that of really thinking about issues of the faith.  Michael’s “day job” is as the chaplain for a Southern Baptist school in eastern Kentucky.

I could probably blog for decades and never write as concise or incisively on the truth of grace as Michael does in this piece (originally posted in 2004 or so and recently re-posted).  If you are a Christian and this piece doesn’t hit you with the force of a speeding F-150 pickup truck, it’s time to check your soul — you may be dead and not know it.  Enjoy, but most of all, take it to heart.


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