Just a quick one here: The RTD job wrapped up this morning, so my schedule is more or less free once again.  Expect a new post tomorrow, and probably one a day for the next several days (maybe for a couple of weeks) as I’ve got a ridiculous backlog of topics I want to yak about.  Upcoming subjects, in no particular order, may include:

  • Why public transportation may not catch on like many hope it would.
  • A final (for now, anyway) wrap-up of my Congregational Journey.
  • The developing collapse of the newspaper industry, why it’s happening and how it may relate to other institutions.
  • The continuing saga/follies of the American church.
  • Troubles involving two of my favorite companies, Chrysler and SpiralFrog.
  • My growing fascination with Scrabble.
  • “The #1 surfer in North Dakota” (that’s a metaphor — I’ll let you speculate on what it’s a metaphor for …)
  • The Linden (CA) Cherry Festival, and maybe ag festivals in general.
  • Fanfic, and why I have more fun reading about movies than watching them.
  • Getting used to my new bifocals (they finally arrived yesterday).
  • Child discipline.
  • Temp agencies.
  • Lawn care.
  • Male and female attractiveness.
  • Kentucky Grilled Chicken.
  • Anything else that gets sucked into my indiscriminate vacuum cleaner of a mind.

If any of the topics above sound interesting, then keep reading and enjoying!  And if none of them sound interesting, then comment below on what you’d like me to address and then keep reading and enjoying!  See you tomorrow … and the day after that … and the day after that … and the day after that …


One Response to UPDATE

  1. Philippian says:

    Will be waiting.
    Belated Mother’s Day best wishes to Supermodel!

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