Periodic Pingback: A congregation bringing hope

(Blogger’s note: Every so often, I’ll come upon something on the Interwebtenternet that I think should absolutely be shared with you, my dear readers.  In blogging terms, it’s called a “pingback”.   “Periodic Pingback” is an irregular feature here to share those other voices in cyberland, for your edification and/or amusement.  Read and enjoy!)

I’ve occasionally written here (and elsewhere) about how the American church has seriously dropped the ball in reaching out to the world they’re supposedly dedicated to saving.  Too often, people outside the church see either a club of people who aren’t significantly different in their behavior from anyone else or, just as problematic, don’t see the church at all.  We have at times been guilty of being so busy with our own insular activities inside our own buildings that we aren’t giving anything to anyone outside that circle.  But that’s why we’re here on earth — if the only point of being a Christian is to go to Heaven, God could’ve struck us dead right after we committed ourselves to Him.  Instead, He left us here, to share the hope we now have with those in need of it.

Yesterday my friend Dairl sent me an excellent example of a congregation that gets it.  The Christian Reformed Church in Ellsworth, Michigan has found a wonderful way to bring its community together in the face of the current economic downturn, and provide hope and fellowship for their neighbors.  Not to mention what I imagine is some pretty good pie.  You can check out the full story by clicking here.

As Dairl put it in his e-mail, “Maybe church isnt so bad after all, if they do stuff like this …”  I suspect he’s not the only one who would feel that way.


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