It’s quarter to six in the evening, and I just feel beat.  No energy at all.

Now, this shouldn’t be.  For one, I’ve been working to boost my energy level — taking B-12, drinking Wired, etc.  And for that matter, today was the day the respite care nurse comes, so it’s essentially my day off.  And while I didn’t get a full eight hours’ sleep last night, I’m pretty sure I got seven (plus some time lying in bed reading).  No … sorry, I was about to say “no reason I should be yawning now,” but I had to stop for a yawn … oops, there’s another one.  (Looks like Malcolm Gladwell is right; even just reading, er, the “Y word” can cause you to act it out.)

And it’s not like I did a whole lot today — certainly no serious physical labor.  I mean, all I did was:

  • Wash the dishes.
  • Prepare Sean’s meds.
  • Move Sean to the living room, turn on PBS for him and hook up his breakfast feed of formula.
  • Let Julie the respite nurse know that my landlord and his crew would be in and out all day.
  • Pick up a legal form at the county courthouse.
  • Take a small safe over to a local locksmith for them to open it, as the battery for the combination lock had gone dead and I couldn’t find the emergency key.  (The fellow at the locksmith began banging the safe on the counter; it opened on the fifth bang.  Wish I’d thought of that.)
  • Get a corporate check (kind of like a cashier’s check) from my credit union to send to a ministry to the homeless in San Francisco.
  • Mail the corporate check.
  • Drop nine books off at the Cesar Chavez Public Library, and pick up two more (one for me, one for Sean).
  • Go to a jeweler’s kiosk at a local mall to have them replace my watch band.
  • Visit a used record store that used to be a favorite haunt of mine (a long time ago, as I still think of it as a used record store — ask your parents what “records” were), where I picked up a DVD of The Blind Side for Nina.
  • Take my car to SpeeDee Oil Change for their 17-point Signature Whatever (they also replaced the oil filter and wiper blades).
  • Pick Nina up at the charter school and take her to the county hospital so a doctor there could make a final determination on what to do about the pea-sized lump under her left nipple, then wait in the parking lot for her.  (It’s coming out, middle of next month.  I’ll keep you posted.)
  • Run back to the charter school to pick up Charlotte, then back to the hospital to get Nina, then over to Del Taco so they could get dinner.  (I had picked up a large lunch at a Chinese deli after dropping Nina off, so I was still full.)
  • Come home and chuck that cheapo safe in the recycling bin.
  • Get the updates from Julie on Sean (nothing to report) and my landlord on the bathroom (some progress, but plumbing issues have pushed the tub/shower hookup to tomorrow … we hope).
  • Get the checkbook caught up from getting the corporate check, the watch band, the DVD, the oil change and the tempura garlic chicken with chow mein and fried rice.

I mean, seriously, that’s all.  Why should I be pooped?  I dunno, maybe it”s just premature old age.  Regardless, that’s all I’m going to write tonight.  I’d better rest or I won’t have the energy to get to the health club for my nightly workout …


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