Periodic Pingback: iMonk is dead, long live iMonk!

(Blogger’s note: Periodic Pingback is an occasional feature of mine, providing links to other stuff on the World Wide Internet Superhighwayweb that I’ve found too valuable to not pass on.  Do enjoy!)

Regular readers of this space (believe it or not, there are a few) will know of my admiration for the work and teachings of Michael Spencer, aka “the Internet Monk.”  (You can check out his website here.)  I didn’t always agree with him, but I usually did, and I found him to be a modern prophet of God, a Biblically-committed teacher willing to speak the truth regardless of how uncomfortable it was to the American church (or even to himself).  Such people are both rarer and more valuable than gold, IMNVHO (in my not-very-humble opinion).

Unfortunately — for us, not him — Michael went to Heaven on April 5 after a long bout with cancer, one exacerbated by his Christian employers cutting off his health insurance in the midst of his battle.  (Restraining myself from a rant here …)  Nevertheless, the ministry he began to help reform the body of Christ lives on.  His website is still active, with several of his friends and co-conspirators helping to run it and contributing new content.  Two new articles in particular have caught my attention: one on “Our Dangerous God” by Jeff Dunn, and a companion piece titled “Becoming a Dangerous Christian” by Lisa Dye.  Both are definitely worth your time if you’re a Christian and want to grow into maturity in Christ. ( If you’re a Christian and don’t want to grow into maturity in Christ … what is wrong with you?!?)

Also, Michael’s first book, Mere Churchianity, will be released by Random House next month.  (His first, but not necessarily his last — plans are underway for a compilation of some of his essays.  I’ll keep you posted.)  You can check out the details and/or pre-order a copy at I know I’ll be getting one.


One Response to Periodic Pingback: iMonk is dead, long live iMonk!

  1. Noel says:

    I am looking forward reading this interesting book… I have found myself in a new journey searching Jesus even more without the traditional doctrines and rules of the church. I have learned that Jesus taught so much about the Kingdom of Heaven, at the Sermon on the Mount, but the church has overlooked it by focusing on other trivial things. PLease see my blog “” for more information about my journey. I will comment more as I learn more about Michael Spencer’s book. God bless

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