A spot o’ fanfic for ye …

Just a quick post here … I didn’t have an entry up yesterday (Tues 29 Jun), as I was working on another piece of writing.  With the release of Iron Man 2 last month (which was excellent — four stars, Ray sez check it out), I’d decided to start a new fanfic story, one that takes place after the movie’s conclusion.  (If you aren’t familiar with the whole “fanfic” concept, click here for details.)

Knowing my tendency to put things off, I set myself a deadline — I wanted the prologue done by June 30.  Well, I managed it with one day to spare … and here it is: Chapter One of the soon-to-be-classic epic (giggle) “Hearts and Souls.” I plan to post one chapter a month until it’s finished (sometime next summer at that rate), but I might get a wild hair and do it faster.  Either way, enjoy!

The only downside is that struggling with the format of “Hearts and Souls” kept me busy until about 11 p.m. yesterday, so there was no time to also do a blog entry.  Sorry ’bout that.  But I will have an honest-to-goodness blog post — besides this one — up today before midnight.  My promise to you.  Watch this space …


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