Yes, I am a twit!

For a long time many people have considered me to be a twit.  At one discussion forum where I used to post, my nom de ‘Net was “The Twit” (an homage to Steve Brown’s favorite epithet).  So my track record of twit-hood was long and impressive.  But I was never officially a twit … until now.

Because now I have a Twitter account!   Honest to goodness — I just opened it yesterday.  I’d held off for a long time because I know how verbose I am (as do you if you read this blog with any regularity), and I didn’t think I could say anything, EVER, in 140 characters or less.  But it’s turned out to be pretty easy.  It’s a nice outlet for stuff that pops up in my mind but doesn’t rate a 1000-2500 word post. We’ll see how it develops.

If you like, you can check out my “mind McNuggets” at and enjoy my first official forays into twitting.  First the blog, now this … maybe I should do podcasts next …


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