Scrubbing the walls — and the silver lining

Whew, I’m pooped.

Sorry, but it’s been a busy day, including more than the usual amount of physical labor.  In addition to two exercise sessions with my son Sean (still working his way back from Leigh’s disease), I had to get him in and out of the bath, mow the front lawn and — this was the really energy-intensive one — scrub the west wall of our kitchen, including both sides of the door to the utility porch.  So yeah, I’m a little winded.

But also pretty happy.  Doing a lot of stuff means getting a lot accomplished — and it’s really fulfilling to get things accomplished.  Even if they aren’t very important — woo-hoo, I’ve now read over 90% of the novelettes and short stories nominated for the Hugo Awards for science fiction! — it still gives me a good feeling to do and to finish.  I’ve never been one of those people who can float through life without impact; I need to be in the fray or I get depressed.  I’m not depressed right now.

In fact, I’m downright thankful to God for it all.  And that means I’m overdue for another edition of “Polishing the Silver Lining.”  Really overdue — my last official one was in February ’09!  So no more delays — let’s get grateful!

Cloud: I spent an hour today scrubbing a kitchen wall and door with bleach water, in 90-degree heat.

Silver lining: it’s DONE!  And after about a month of on-and-off work, our kitchen almost looks better than when we moved into the place over six years ago.  Neither Nina (the Supermodel) nor I are fastidious housekeepers, and over the last year of stress we really let things go.  But we’re getting caught up fast — the only things left to do in the kitchen are to clean the inside of the fridge and mop the floor.  We should be done by next weekend.  (Then I attack the utility porch …)

Cloud: Sean is still sick with Leigh’s.

Silver lining: he’s not dead of Leigh’s, which the doctors pretty much expected would happen before the end of 2009.  Each week, he gets a little better, a little stronger, and the experts think a full recovery may be possible.  Who knows?

Cloud: In the last eight months, Nina has only received five monthly paychecks from her employer, all of them far short of what they’re supposed to be.

Silver lining: thanks to God’s provision, Social Security, our tax return and some very careful spending, our bank account is almost double what it was when they started to forget to pay her.  If our former bank hadn’t let random folks break into our account and steal, it would be more than double.  So financially, we’re decent.

Extra silver lining: did you catch the words “former bank” up there?

Cloud: Our daughter Charlotte has been very argumentative lately.

Silver lining: It won’t surprise us when she’s appointed Attorney General someday.

Cloud: I’m sweating buckets in this heat — and it’s supposed to stay in the 90s F (30s C) this whole week.

Silver lining: three words.  Losing.  Water.  Weight.  I’ll take a weight drop however I can find it.

Cloud: I got my tail kicked playing Risk over at

Silver lining: every time I lose, I pick up a tip or two on how to play better.  I can beat the Pogo computer almost every game, and against human competition I can at least hold my own.  I may have got whupped today, but I was the last opposing army the winner eliminated.  Second place beats a poke in the face with a sharp fish …

Cloud: Independence Day is now behind us.

Silver lining: Which means the neighborhood fireworks are behind us too — and since folks around here had been setting them off day and night beginning back on June 26, I’m kind of glad it’s passed for another year.  I can’t imagine the Founding Fathers would’ve felt differently if they’d had to listen to it for ten straight days either …

Cloud: Readership on this blog has been pretty low lately.

Silver lining: but you’re reading it, right?  And that makes it worth it to me!

I need to keep doing this “Polishing the Silver Lining” thing — and more often than every 17 months too!


2 Responses to Scrubbing the walls — and the silver lining

  1. Eric says:

    Just reading your blog.We have a 10 month daughter with Leighs and she just got her feeding tube which helps immensely! We dont know alot about it other than the doom and gloom we hear from the doctors.She is on a “mito coctail” of b vitamins,l-carnitine,and coenzyme Q-10. She also gets physical therapy.I am wondering if there is anything that you all have found that helps that maybe we dont know about or what we need to do to ensure her quality of life stays good. We take her to Cooks childrens in Ft Worth Tx and they seem to be doing everything poss and surprisingly they are doing much of the same stuff weve read about and researched.Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Ray Anselmo says:

    Eric – I just sent your wife a long letter, as she had commented on my post “The latest on Sean” just before you wrote. We are at your disposal for anything we can help with — just call or e-mail us (the info’s in the letter) and we’ll do whatever we can.

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