Quick fanfic update

Just stopping in while hurrying from one place to the next — things have been busy here at Chez Anselmeau (mostly Sean-related), and are likely to stay that way through the end of the month.  But I have posted the first three chapters of my new Iron Man fanfic, entitled “Hearts and Souls,” and you can check them out here.  I’m still working on doing at least one chapter per month until it’s all done (probably next summer).  Keeping the fiction muscles limber …

(One disclaimer, though: in the movies, Tony Stark cusses a little.  In my fanfic, he does too.  It’s not how I’d prefer him to talk, but when you’re using other people’s characters you have to respect the conventions they set up.  If swear words (not blasphemy, just cussin’) bother you, feel free to skip it.  I won’t be offended.)

Also, a sneak preview of things here at the Professional Outsider … in the coming days I plan to write about:

  • The controversy over the so-called “Ground Zero mosque,” and why I find it so disturbing.
  • WhyI have problems with college football, at least at the higher levels.
  • A full update on Sean’s progress.

And who knows what else?  Stay tuned — it’s gonna be fun!


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