Periodick Pingback: The genius of the Inception Button

Once again, it’s time for Periodic Pingback, an act of creative laziness on my part introduction of something really neat I found on the Internet that I thought others might like as well.

Do you find that sometimes your life seems dull?  That your daily activities lack a certain … drama?  Do you ever wish that your experiences had the panache and thrills of a favorite movie, complete with swells of striking, nerve-strumming music?  Well, you’re not alone — and I have just the thing for you: The Inception Button!

Taken from Hans Zimmer’s most-likely-to-be-Oscar-nominated score from the movie Inception (the best new release I saw this year, with the caveat that I missed watching The Social Network), this dramatic sting — summarized by noted film reviewer Dana Stevens of as “BrAAAAAHMMMM” — is the perfect accompaniment for any dramatic or suspenseful statement or event.  About to give your kid a time-out?  Need to explain to your husband that the toilet’s plugged?  Want to highlight the sense of doom when your favorite team hires exactly the wrong person as head coach?  Just click the pictured red button to lend the situation just the right amount of gravitas and cinematic tension.  Best of all, it’s FREE!

The Inception Button. Use it early and often, and dramatize your life!

(Or just use it ironically, for a quick laugh … which is pretty much why I like it, and why I wrote this.  BrAAAAAHMMMM!)


One Response to Periodick Pingback: The genius of the Inception Button

  1. Sue says:

    HAHAHA!!! I love it. I want one on my desk at work. Brraaaahhhmmmmmmm.

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