30 April 2012

This is the first blog post I’ve written in over two months.  And, for a while at least, it’s going to be the last.

I’ve enjoyed writing here, and I like to think I’ve sent a few things from here out into the world that were worth reading.  I don’t consider it for a moment to have been a waste of my time, and I’ve appreciated most of the feedback I’ve received.  But since I began this blog — way back in December of 2008 — my life has changed dramatically, largely in ways that I wouldn’t wish on Anders Breivik.  And it’s affected my ability to write, and to write consistently.

So after much prayer and thought, I’m going to do what I probably should’ve done a long time ago.  As of this writing, “Ray Anselmo, Professional Outsider” is going into mothballs.*

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