The (long-overdue) latest on Sean

20 February 2011

I know, I knowIknowIknow – I’ve been promising to give an update on my son Sean’s continuing fight with Leigh’s disease for a while now.  I apologize for the delay, but I do have an excuse.  Namely, every time I plan to write it, some new development appears to be on the horizon, and it seems right to wait so I can give you fuller information.

But there’s a limit, and I’ve really waited far too long (I want to say it’s been four months since the last recap).  Thank you to all who have been praying for him all this time – it has meant more to me, and to Sean, than I can express.

And now, the news …

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A slight adjustment to the yoke

25 June 2009

(Blogger’s note: Still in the midst of Life Change Week.  Don’t worry, we’re getting somewhere.  Tomorrow’s entry will be the final one in the series, unless the Sacramento Kings do something totally bone-headed in tonight’s NBA draft and raise my blood pressure …)

Some of you might think that after ten and a half years of marriage, the Supermodel and I would pretty much have all the kinks worked out and everything at this point would be smooth sailing.

There’s a word that describes you if you think that.  The word is “single.”

Marriage is a constant, neverending series of adjustments and compromises, as two completely different and ever-changing people, yoked together like farm oxen, learn and re-learn (and re-re-learn, and re-re-re-learn …) how to live with each other and actually enjoy it.  Sometimes it works really well, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes the two parties don’t really try to make it work and just let it fall apart, scattering shrapnel everywhere.  (Naming no names.)  When it works, there is almost nothing on earth that’s better.

In the last few weeks, the Supermodel and I have had to make some more adjustments.  Mostly I.

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