Liturgical Fidget, part 2 – System analysis

29 October 2011

(Blogger’s note: I should’ve known better than to plan a blog entry for Thursday in the middle of one of the more exciting World Series in recent memory.  Silly me.  Congratulations to the 2011 World Champions of the World, the St. Louis Cardinals.  And if you missed part 1 of “Liturgical Fidget,” click here.  Now, we return you to your regularly scheduled spiritual crisis, already in progress …)

So I’ve been thinking about the possibility of checking out Sunday morning congregational services again — not to analyze the state of the American church, but to be part of an organized body of believers.  Granted that in most Sunday morning services, the opportunities for fellowship (what I discovered I was really missing, as I delineated in part 1) are often limited.  But what fellowship there is, I find I miss.  I’ve been out of the picture for 30 months now, and while I’ve been able to stay in Christian fellowship via a few close friends, plus contact online with other believers, it would be nice to have more.

But there’s something about the whole liturgy of a Sunday morning meeting that still makes me uncomfortable.  It’s also what keeps those fellowship opportunities down.  In a word, it’s liturgy.

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It’s beginning to look/smell/taste a lot like Christmas …

13 December 2010

Slowly but surely, things around here are becoming more and more Christmas-y.

We aren’t, by and large, the type to make a huge honking deal out of holidays (see my last post, and all the non-hoopla surrounding my recent birthday).  We like them, make no mistake — but our ardor stays fairly low-key.  In my family, Christmas was never that big an operation — especially after my parents’ divorce, since I was living with Mom and we’d always spent the day with Dad’s family.  (Still did for several years after, until she and I and my brother basically got fed up with them and decided to do something else that day.)  Among Nina’s relatives, it’s usually a quiet family time … with the notable exception of one aunt who I think goes into five figures annually on Yuletide decorations, entertainment, food and a lighting display that I don’t think is actually visible from orbit, but I make no guarantees.  Said aunt has fun doing it, though, and we wouldn’t have her any other way.  But she is the exception.

Still, we do have some things we like to do around this time of year.  And so, if you’re interested, come on in and join us for a few of the Christmas traditions around Chez Anselmo.  Here, have some hot cocoa.  I’d take your coat, but we still don’t have central heating, so you might want to keep it on …

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