The blog, the blog, the blog, the blog is back!

30 July 2011

(With apologies to Elton John, lol …)

I can’t believe it’s been four months (and change) since I last wrote!  Where did the time go?

Oh, yeah, I remember where it went …

  • My wife was working full-time, then not working at all, and is now working again (kinda sorta).
  • Our son Sean started school (yes, you read that right — he’s started school!).
  • Our daughter graduated from fifth grade and started sixth — with a reading level FIVE grades ahead of her grade level — and passed two swimming courses.
  • As for me, I’ve been through a barrage of medical tests and had two surgeries (almost three), done some more fiction writing (including my continuing Iron Man fanfic), and bought an exercise machine after discovering I was more overweight than even I’d suspected.

So yeah, things were a little busy.  When you throw in all the other doctor’s appointments (our family has more than most, it seems), all the other summer activities, and just the general stress of being around each other more than usual, it can get hectic.  Too hectic to write?  Wellllll … possibly.  But now I’m setting my distractions aside (or trying to, more accurately), exercising a little more discipline and getting back to the keyboard to commune with you, dear reader.  I might even make tea, if you’re up for it.

And while we sip our cuppa, what can we discuss?  Besides, all of the above, it’s been a wild four months:

  • May 21 passed without incident (and by “incident,” I mean “Harold Camping getting a beatdown from a justifiably angry mob”).
  • Stockton got a miniature heat wave, but nothing compared to the rest of the country.
  • The Democrats and the Republicans are engaging in a wonderful spirit of bipartisanship to bankrupt the country through their joint ineptitude.
  • The Giants got Carlos Beltran, the US men’s soccer team got Juergen Klinsmann (after five years of flirting), and the 49ers got to sit at home for months on end while the  lawyers fought over crap none of us really care about.
  • The American church rolled on … toward a cliff, far as can be told, but it’s rolling!
  • Et cetera.

So I think we can find things to talk about.  I do apologize for the long silence, and I’ll understand if you’ve been seeing other blogs in my absence.  It can get lonely out there, I know.  But now, we can be together again, and “all the pleasures prove,” as the poet said.  (Which poet was that?  Let me Google it … ah, Christopher Marlowe.  Also Charles Emerson Winchester III.  Gotta love Google.)  And I will try my darnedest, by the grace of God, to not leave any more mullti-month gaps in the record.  Tune in Tuesday for a thorough update on the Seanster Monster (that wasn’t a typo, folks — school!).  Until then … it’s good to be back.  Action!


Scrubbing the walls — and the silver lining

5 July 2010

Whew, I’m pooped.

Sorry, but it’s been a busy day, including more than the usual amount of physical labor.  In addition to two exercise sessions with my son Sean (still working his way back from Leigh’s disease), I had to get him in and out of the bath, mow the front lawn and — this was the really energy-intensive one — scrub the west wall of our kitchen, including both sides of the door to the utility porch.  So yeah, I’m a little winded.

But also pretty happy.  Doing a lot of stuff means getting a lot accomplished — and it’s really fulfilling to get things accomplished.  Even if they aren’t very important — woo-hoo, I’ve now read over 90% of the novelettes and short stories nominated for the Hugo Awards for science fiction! — it still gives me a good feeling to do and to finish.  I’ve never been one of those people who can float through life without impact; I need to be in the fray or I get depressed.  I’m not depressed right now.

In fact, I’m downright thankful to God for it all.  And that means I’m overdue for another edition of “Polishing the Silver Lining.”  Really overdue — my last official one was in February ’09!  So no more delays — let’s get grateful!

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