The anniversary that wasn’t

24 January 2011

Yesterday was my wife Nina’s and my twelfth wedding anniversary.  Nowadays, it seems like spending twelve years married to the same person without committing a homicide is fairly rare, and considering some of the problems we’ve had to work through over that time (internal and external), we do rather feel we’ve beaten the odds.  So it’s kind of a big deal, certainly worthy of a celebration.

And what did we do yesterday to commemorate such a momentous occasion?  Well … pretty much nothing.

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Putting the “Hurt” on Oscar predictions

6 March 2010

As promised, and for the second straight year, here are my predictions for tomorrow night’s Academy Awards.  I did pretty well with my picks last year – 16 out of 24, comparable with some of the low-end movie critics.  This year … I’m going for the sweep!  (Just kidding; no chance of that happening.  But let’s see if I can build on my previous record.

(A warning for those with sensitivities regarding language: several times in this post, I will be forced to type the word “basterds.”  I didn’t really want to, but calling Quentin Tarantino’s film “Inglourious Mispellings,” as I do in normal conversation, would just get confusing.  It can’t be helped, folks.  Sorry.)

A few things to bear in mind before I roll into the actual predictions:

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