A pain in the … ankle, shoulder, back, head …

20 September 2010

Okay, my postings have been a little spotty lately.  I admit this.  Three posts in three weeks — not good for someone who said he was going to try to write something every day.

But for the last week, at least, I’ve had something that, in bad light, would vaguely resemble a decent excuse.  And I even have the prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants to prove it!

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Picking things up, letting things go

12 July 2010

I had two clear spiritual experiences today.  One I knew was such when it was happening.  The other, it just hit me that it was one a few minutes ago.  (There were probably some others that I missed; we’re going to focus on just the two right now.)

And both of them seemed to show that my life is turning (or, I should say, being turned) onto a new section of the path God has called me to.  So I thought it would be worth sharing.

All right, Ray, enough teasing — what happened?!?

To quote Isaac Asimov, “I hasten, dear reader, I hasten …”

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