Well, I said I was tired …

10 October 2010

… yeah, I did.  But I had no idea how tired I was until I finally had a chance to really rest!

After this last year-plus, I’ve needed nothing more than a good long vacation.  Even though things have stabilized greatly (I haven’t had any more moms die lately), there was still this residual backlog of fatigue, so to speak.  I was trying to chop it down to size as best I could, and more recently applying the “no competitions – no challenges – no cereals” credo I mentioned a few weeks ago.  (Not perfectly, of course — I’ve fallen back into more than a few games of Risk at Pogo, albeit playing against the computer, which is a lot easier.  And pizza is still my kryptonite when it comes to keeping the carbs down.)  Slowly, my energy tank was getting filled back up again.

And then along came an unexpected blessing: the local school district’s screwball sked.

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Took a couple days off

1 September 2010

(… with apologies to Huey Lewis & the News …)

Yeah, I been blog-gone since last Friday — for what I think are very good reasons:

  1. I was tired.
  2. I needed to rest.

Both of which will not exactly be news to the regular readers of this space — or to anyone who knows me.  What with all the stressors of the last year-plus, “being tired/needing to rest/not really knowing how to rest” has become a regular theme of my life and writing.  That’s been compounded in the last couple of weeks, as my wife Nina has gone back to work as a Special Education assistant (more on that later this week), and I’ve had to pick up sole care during the days for Sean again.  So my energy level, not high in the first place, took another dive.

Thus, I’m taking another run at learning how to rest.  And, with God’s help, I’m trying a new tack.

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All socialized out

28 July 2010

Sorry I’ve been gone for a few days, but things have been sort of crazy here … and not the kind of crazy I’ve been going through for the last year, a different kind.

Me and John, a friend of mine from my college days, hadn’t seen each other face-to-face in a decade.  But we’ve been trying to get together on and off for a couple of years now.  It took a while because he lives in San Diego and I’m up here in Stockton, 400 miles (650 km) away.  Plus we each have two kids.  And then last summer Sean got sick.  So it wasn’t until this last weekend that we were able to hook up — he was on vacation with his kids, traveling all over the West, and made a swing through town for a couple of days.  We had fun, our kids had fun, the conversations were great and all was right with the world.

They headed out Monday morning … and on Monday evening, some college buddies of the Supermodel came through.  They’re both Northern California natives but currently live in Savannah, Georgia (the husband is stationed at Fort Stewart) and were taking their four kids and their motor home to visit friends and family.  Again, we had fun, our kids had fun, the conversations were great and life was good.

So needless to say, it was a wonderful several days … and this morning I could barely peel myself out of bed.

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Scrubbing the walls — and the silver lining

5 July 2010

Whew, I’m pooped.

Sorry, but it’s been a busy day, including more than the usual amount of physical labor.  In addition to two exercise sessions with my son Sean (still working his way back from Leigh’s disease), I had to get him in and out of the bath, mow the front lawn and — this was the really energy-intensive one — scrub the west wall of our kitchen, including both sides of the door to the utility porch.  So yeah, I’m a little winded.

But also pretty happy.  Doing a lot of stuff means getting a lot accomplished — and it’s really fulfilling to get things accomplished.  Even if they aren’t very important — woo-hoo, I’ve now read over 90% of the novelettes and short stories nominated for the Hugo Awards for science fiction! — it still gives me a good feeling to do and to finish.  I’ve never been one of those people who can float through life without impact; I need to be in the fray or I get depressed.  I’m not depressed right now.

In fact, I’m downright thankful to God for it all.  And that means I’m overdue for another edition of “Polishing the Silver Lining.”  Really overdue — my last official one was in February ’09!  So no more delays — let’s get grateful!

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