After that vacation … I need a vacation

13 October 2011

Okay, I’m back!

And where was I?  Well, right here, but … well, I should explain.

Last week and the one before, school was out in our local district.  I’ve mentioned before that the schools hereabouts operate on a schedule that could best be described as “screwy.”  Well, this is one example of that: a two-week vacation smack at the beginning of autumn, when most school districts have barely gotten going on their year.

What that meant at Chez Anselmeau is that for sixteen days straight (including the bookending weekends), the four of us were all together for the most part.  The Supermodel, Charlotte, Sean and I have gotten to spend a great deal more time with each other – working on more projects, sharing more meals, and having more conversations and more adventures than is normally possible when my wife is off teaching and my kids are off learning.

They went back to school on Monday.  It’s Thursday, and I’m finally beginning to recover from all that togetherness.

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Back to work

9 September 2010

To put it mildly, our family has been through a lot of transitions over the last year and a half — our son’s illness, my mom’s death, a change of cars, a change of banks, my own rocky spiritual journey, financial thises and thats, and new responsibilities regarding the house we’re renting.  For the most part, the changes have made our lives more complicated rather than less, and added stress rather than reduced it.  Not to be Debbie Downer or anything, just sayin’.

So it’s kind of nice when something changes that’s a clear positive.  And in the last few weeks, we’ve had such a change.

Nina, my supermodel wife, is back at work.

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School days, school daze …

30 July 2010

This week has been a transitional one for Chez Anselmeau.  Charlotte, our daughter, started fifth grade on Tuesday.

Most of you are probably thinking, “what, before the end of July?!?”  What can I tell you, that’s just the way Stockton Unified School District rolls.  They call it a “modified traditional” schedule, and the modification is that there’s only eight weeks of summer vacation, but three two-week breaks in the school year — one in October, one around Christmas, and one in March/April.  I think it’s a little silly, but my opinion wasn’t solicited.

And Pittman Elementary, Charlotte’s new charter school, runs on the same sked.  So on Monday, between the departure of our friend John (and his two kids) and the arrival of our friends Jim and Venessa (and their four kids), Charlotte got one last day of freedom.  We did a shopping spree at Target (mostly for school uniforms, but still), had brunch at Denny’s (a cheeseburger and hash browns for me, chocolate chip pancakes for her) and saw Ramona and Beezus (four stars, Ray sez check it out).

And the next day, I unleashed her on a new school year — and started working on adjusting to it.

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Picking things up, letting things go

12 July 2010

I had two clear spiritual experiences today.  One I knew was such when it was happening.  The other, it just hit me that it was one a few minutes ago.  (There were probably some others that I missed; we’re going to focus on just the two right now.)

And both of them seemed to show that my life is turning (or, I should say, being turned) onto a new section of the path God has called me to.  So I thought it would be worth sharing.

All right, Ray, enough teasing — what happened?!?

To quote Isaac Asimov, “I hasten, dear reader, I hasten …”

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