Pruning the forest to see the trees

19 July 2010

The tree trimmers were here today to work on the almond tree in our backyard.  (I mentioned calling them a week ago in this space.)  Originally we had wanted them to take care of all five trees in the yard, but when they gave us an estimate of $1600, we had to settle for more modest goals.  The almond was full of dead branches, plus one rather large live one that hung dangerously over our neighbor’s property, so that’s the one we decided to deal with.  Maybe we can address the rest next spring, once our tax refund comes in …

Anyway, I didn’t watch them working much for two reasons.  One, I didn’t want to get in the way of people using power equipment, including — especially! — chainsaws.  Two, I was busy cooking up a cauldron of “false gumbo”, scrubbing the screen door on the front of our house, exercising Sean and keeping an eye on Charlotte.  (Nina was out with a friend for a few hours.)  So I was otherwise occupied.

Which just increased the impact when they told me they were done, and I looked at their work …

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Picking things up, letting things go

12 July 2010

I had two clear spiritual experiences today.  One I knew was such when it was happening.  The other, it just hit me that it was one a few minutes ago.  (There were probably some others that I missed; we’re going to focus on just the two right now.)

And both of them seemed to show that my life is turning (or, I should say, being turned) onto a new section of the path God has called me to.  So I thought it would be worth sharing.

All right, Ray, enough teasing — what happened?!?

To quote Isaac Asimov, “I hasten, dear reader, I hasten …”

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